Rotan gear pumps

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CC - Close cupled

Rotan gear pumper

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Close-coupled pumps in cast iron, designed for the refrigerator industry. CC pumps are available from size 27 up to size 42.

Capacity Range: Up to 6 m3/h
Speed: Up to 1750 rpm
Differential Pressure: Up to 5 bar
Suction Lift: Up to 0.5 bar / 15" Hg vacuum while priming
Suction Lift: Up to 0.8 bar / 24" Hg vacuum while pumping
Viscosity Range: Up to 200 cSt
Temperature: Up to 120°C / 240° F

Typical Applications:

Pumping of:

  • Mineral Oil
  • Alkyl Benzene
  • Polyalfaolifin
  • Polyglycol
  • Polyolester Oil

Technical information

  • Capacity range: Up to 6 m3/h
    Temperatre range: Up to 120°C / 240° F
    Pressure range: Up to 5 bar

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